Having a spic and span premises is always something everyone wants, the outlook of your premises always say much about you as well. Also, with the passage of time there is always wear and tear, nothing stays constant and same throughout the life and similarly the paint of your house also tends to depreciate and needs to be fixed. Also, it is always better to go get it done as soon as you feel the wear and tear rather than waiting for long because with time work compiles and so as the cost doubles with the increasing work.

How to Find a Painter

Finding a good and experienced painter may be complicated task but we are here with the solution. You can follow the listed steps to find the best painter.

1. Painter Referral

The first thing you need to do is to get a referral from a trusted and well known person who might have a past experience. This can help you find a painter who has worked for someone and you can inspect their work and ask about the quality of their work and level of the service provided by them. This can also help you to avoid bad painters or painters with lack of experience.

Harness the Power of the Internet

Nowadays internet can be the solution of most problems. If you are not able to find a referral from a friend or family person you can make use of various internet resources to find professional painters. These sources include:


This online site can help you choose a qualified home professional from over 1.5 million painters and also  helps you to select a painter that meets your needs and in near your location.

The Houzz platform will require you to enter some specs such as type of project you’re looking to complete either interior or exterior, cabinets or deck etc, which and how many rooms you need to be painted, whether your home is occupied or not, which surfaces you need to paint, the type of your property, the date you want to start the project and your budget.

By analyzing all your answers, Houzz gives you the best options. After this you can share your project information with 5 local professionals and request quotes.

Angie’s List

Angie’s list is an expert source where you can find verified reviews and ratings about professional painters in hundreds of categories. You can look at directories of top home professional painters that are located or are near your area. This platform requires you to create a free account, and enter your information.

This list will ask you for some information and need you to go through some steps to get matched with three top-rated house painters in your area. Angie’s List will ask for your address, number rooms needed to be painted, if your house is occupied/furnished, which rooms or surfaces you want to paint, project status, timing, type or area of your home and whether you’re interested in financing.


This is another top reviewed site that is dedicated to presenting unbiased reviews. Finding house painters on Yelp is very easy. It only requires you to specify your location and type in “house painters” in the Yelp search bar and then sifting through the results. You can also search for more specific kind of painter by writing specific keywords such as “house painters interior.”

Some good rules of thumb for parsing online reviews:

  1. Do not change your decision on the basis of a few negative reviews because it is quite normal for a painter to get one or two reviews that are not perfect but this can be taken as positive sign that they are not posting fake reviews for making a good reputation. Steer clear, if most of the reviews are negative.
  2. If the company has a lot of reviews that means that it has a larger population of customers and lesser rate of error. More reviews means that the company has more customers and you can gauge the quality of their work by this.
  3. Look for photos as they exhibit the quality of service and the end result that a company or a professional painter is providing.



This is a private social network where you can find candid reviews about various painters from your neighbors. You can simply request for a house painter referral on Nextdoor. This request will be shared with all of the members of this platform that are located in your immediate neighborhood. Neighbors that have suggestions or referrals will respond to your request and you can then select the best painter out from their comments. For this purpose, you will need to join your neighborhood and create a free account on Nextdoor.

How Much Does a Painter Costs

According to Home Advisor, most painters charge from $380 to $790 on average to paint an interior room. The cost of painting usually depends on various factors such as:

  • Size and the number of the rooms
  • Height of the ceilings
  • Price of the chosen paint
  • If multiple coats are required
  • Required time
  • Number of stories
  • Ease of access