Laptop computers (1)

A laptop computer is a type of personal computer that is handy and portable. It possesses a clamshell factor along with a thin LED or LCD computer screen. This type of personal computer has a built-in keyboard in the lower lid of the laptop while the upper lid is fixed with LED or LCD screen.Unlike a desktop computer, the laptop has all the output and input components (speakers, storage devices, processor, memory, operating system, etc) at the same base unit. Some advanced laptops have features of a built-in microphone, integrated webcams, and touch screens. Memory capacity, processor speed, and other hardware specialties depend upon the type of laptop.Construction, form factor, and design elements of laptop vary according to the models and intended use.

Benefits of laptop computer

Portability is the primary benefit of a laptop and gives it priority over the desktop computer.This feature makes it convenient to use anywhere at home, in libraries, meeting halls, offices, or even during flights. Within a home, the user can move their laptop from one room to another. It offers many distinct benefits.

  • Productivity

The students and employees are enabled to enhance their working productivity by using laptop computers. These laptops help them to check their routine tasks and emails while traveling and during breaks between classes.

  • Up to date information

If a user is using desktop computer at more than one site then synchronization problems arise. System alterations made on one desktop computer may not be propagated on the other one. This problem can be resolved by installing synchronization software or by manually transferring files and data through USB, or memory cards. This inconvenience is eliminated by laptop computers and files remain in a single location.

  • Immediacy

If a user is carrying a laptop, it means he is carrying all information along with him. He has quick access to data including work and personal files. This allows him to collaborate better with students or co-workers anywhere and anytime.

  • Size

Laptop occupies less space than desktop computers. It is suitable for use at places like student’s dorms and small apartments. The user can put it in the drawer after finishing his work.

  • Connectivity

The proliferation of cellular broadband data services (EVDO, HSDPA) and Wi-Fi wireless networks means that the laptop has easy access to local network connectivity and the internet. Laptop programs and Wi-Fi networks are more prevalent in universities and colleges.

  • Low power consumption

100-800 Watts used by a desktop computer is equivalent to 20-120 Watts used by a laptop computer. It means, compared to desktop computers, laptop computers are more power-efficient. This benefit is useful for large organizations where thousands of computers are running and consuming massive electricity.

  • Battery

Desktop computers need a continuous power supply to run and perform their functions completely. Unlike desktop computers, laptop computers have a battery system that stores enough power to keep them running in the situation of a power outage. It eliminates the issues related to blackouts and power interruptions.

  • All-in-one

Unlike desktop computers, laptop computers have all the input and output components integrated into a single unit.

  • Quiet

Slower hard drives as well as minor heat production, makes laptop quieter than desktop computers.

Types of laptop computers

The type of laptop computer, a retailer suggests depends upon the user’s intended use.

  • Value laptop

This type of laptop has lower-performing hardware and is suitable for the user who spends a few working hours on a laptop. Such as internet browsing, playing games, watching movies, etc. It is less costly and provides less memory and storage capacity to the user.

  • Everyday laptop

This type has a slightly high-performing hardware system and is suitable for the user who uses the laptop more than the value user. Unlike a value laptop, it provides more memory and storage capacity to the user. But it cannot hold 3D applications such as 3D max.

  • Gaming laptop

It works the same as other computers. It supports the storage of 3D applications. It is designed to play those games that are graphically sharp and strong.

  • Professional laptop

It possesses graphic cards and is suitable for studio use such as 3D graphics formation, analyzing, and rendering massive data, and other intensive professional use.It has a high-end processing system, more memory and storage to meet the workload requirements.

  • Notebook

It is an ultraportable and smaller type of laptops. It typically sacrifices performance, peripheral ports, and capabilities for its price and size.


Top-rated brands of laptop (2)

  1. Dell XPS13

It features 10th generation Intel processors and intense graphics. Its screen-to-body ratio is 91.5% with a 4.4mm bottom bezel. A user can configure a laptop with a 4k or 1920-1200 pixel display. The current model of this laptop has anon-touch display, a 256GB SSD, and 8GB RAM.


The current price of Dell XPS13 is $1000.

  1. HP Envy x360

It is one of the affordable brands of the laptop a user can easily buy. It has a compact and stuffy build, excellent performance, and chic convertible designs. Its body-to-screen ratio is 88%. It is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 400 series. Radeon graphics support graphically sharp gaming applications.


The current price of HP Envy x360 is $750.

  1. MacBook Air

It is suitable for those people who enjoy the Apple ecosystem. It features a sharp retina display, 10 generation Intel processor, and a scissor-switch keyboard. It has a touch ID fingerprint scanner for payment authentication and easy log-in.


The current price of a MacBook Air is $999.

  1. Lenovo Chromebook duet

It is a highly affordable laptop for kids. It is suitable for users who use a laptop for gaming and internet browsing only. It weighs only 2.03 pounds and is tailored for in-home and on-the-go purposes. It also supports a navigation system and a distinct Chrome configuration optimized for Tab use.


The current price of the LenovoChromebookduet is $299.