Senior cell phone plans (1)

With time, it becomes important for parents to stay in touch with their relatives. If they accidentally fall or get locked out of the apartment then access to landline phones becomes impossible. But handy mobile phones bring peace of mind to both generations. Moreover, mentally sharp and highly mobile parents may enjoy their time on the smartphone by connecting to their grandchildren, navigating their way to explore more activities, and playing games. Pew Research Centre’s Internet & American Life Project has stated that 77% of 65 years adults have turned their interest towards mobile devices.

Benefits of senior cell phones

  1. Social media activity

Social media has introduced people a new way to interact with friends, and families. They remain energetic and active by approaching past friends and making a vast social network. Social media has engaged those seniors who have recently lost their loved ones.

  1. Navigation feature

Senior citizens can navigate their way to different destinations with navigation app such as VZ Navigator. They can search for restaurants and stores they found appealing. Moreover, they can call homies if they forgot a grocery list at home.

  1. Interaction with grandkids

Teens and kids are more involved in this technology than anyone else. Grandparents can get this as their advantage and make a strong connection with their grandchildren. They can make a video call and see them anywhere and anytime. Moreover, they can share different activities and latest updates such as losing a tooth, accidental falls, gardening, shopping, and grocery.

  1. Emergency aid

Having a smartphone gives a sense of relaxation to both seniors and their homies. Seniors can easily call in case of any emergency. Emergency contacts can be added in smartphones allowing instant aid for seniors. Another benefit of having a mobile phone is parents can call their children or any other helping center if their car runs out of gas.

Types of senior cell phone plans

Hundred of configurations of senior cell phone plans are available. Some of them are:

  1. Prepaid phones with no plans

Free-spirited and most independent souls can buy a smartphone and pay for calls or texts without any plans. A significant number of seniors select monthly contract-free phones. They opt to purchase their data, text, and voice call monthly. It makes it for them easier to replace their carrier without any penalty.

  1. Senior-specific cell phone plans

Some huge national carriers offer multi-line deals and structured discounts for seniors. These discounts are a big blessing for the sandwich generation (busy parents who are taking care of their children as well as their aged parents). Through these discounts, they can keep in touch with both generations using fault detection, apps tracking, video calls, texts, and voice calls.

  1. Family plans

In these plans, carriers offer an account that is shared by a minimum of two or a maximum of four persons. They all can enjoy unlimited texts, data, and minutes from a single account. Some carriers add some sugar by paying for a Netflix subscription. Family plans are a budget-friendly and easy way to keep senior cell phone plans organized and centralized.

  1. Flexible plans

These plans permit consumers to adapt, choose, and dictate their demands every month. Those who do not want to enjoy extra benefits and features can build their plan according to their needs. Also, it eliminates long-term and unbreakable contracts.

  1. Pay-as-you-go plans

These are the best choice for those who do not want to go with monthly plans. They offer standard services without overage charges and long term contracts. One can send texts and make calls unless given minutes run out.

Cost of best senior cell phone plans (2)

  • T-Mobile plans

They offer unlimited data, texts, and talks. They include monthly 50GB data. Another facet of these plans is that they do not include extra fees or taxes during signup.


  • No extra charges
  • Unlimited data and taxes in 200 plus countries
  • One hour of text and data on Gogo-enabled flights


  • Interruption in data during peak use


The cost ranges from $27.50 to $45 per month.

  • Great call plans

These plans are designed according to the needs of seniors. The two main perks of these plans are Jitterbug smart 2 and lively flip.

Jitterbug smart 2

It is the best choice for those seniors who want an affordable and properly functioning smartphone. The plan begins with 200 minutes, 300 texts, and 40 MB of data per month


Its cost ranges start from $14.99.

Lively Flip

The plan starts with 200 minutes, 300 texts per month. It eliminates the inconvenience of long-term contracts. It also features a camera with flash, a flashlight, a large screen, and spontaneous no/yes navigation.


Its cost ranges from $14.99-$99.


  • plans without long term contracts
  • The less initial price for phones
  • Plans’ cost starts at only $14.99 per month


  • Limited range of phones
  • Republic wireless plans

They use a blend of wireless Internet and 4G LTE cellular service. They offer unlimited data, texts, and calls. These plans are ideal for seniors who want to avoid plenty of whistles and bells and need a reliable service.


  • Short term contracts
  • Additional 4G LTE data upon dollar 15 per month
  • Affordable unlimited text and talk plans


  • Incompatibility with iOS
  • They provide their services in the US only


Their cost starts at dollar 15 per month.

  • FreedomPop plans

They offer VoIP-based phone services. These are budget-friendly and reliable plans. Their plan starts from 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data. These plans are the best choice for seniors who want less costly cell phone options.


  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage
  • Outstanding customer service


  • The plan is not specific to seniors
  • Limited data plan choices.


The initial cost of these plans is $24.99.