Sedan (1)

The word sedan comes from the Latin word “sedere” meaning “to sit”. A “saloon” or a “sedan” is a passenger car that possesses a three-box configuration and distinct compartments for cargo, passenger, and engine. The word sedan is mostly associated with comfort; a steady ride, well-padded seats, and sufficient power to run the car without any exertion. Functional aspects of moving from one place to another are optimized by these cars.

Typical characteristics of sedans

Sedans are not very much distinguishable from body styles of other cars, but some of the typical characteristics a sedan possesses are as follows:

  • The roof of the car is supported by a B-pillar that stands between the rear and front windows.
  • It is available with double-rowed seats
  • It possesses a three-box configuration with a cargo portion at the back and an engine area at the front.
  • Comparative to the coupe, it has a less steep roofline, which enhances the headroom for the passengers sitting at the back. Moreover, it also reduces the sporting appearance.
  • The volume of the rear interior is 0.93 m³ (33 cu ft)

Standard styles of sedans

  1. Notchback sedans

In the market, this term is used when the difference between two sedan body designs of a similar model range is needed. In the United States sedan differentiates the body styles with a horizontal trunk lid.

  1. Fastback sedan

It is characterized by a two-box configuration. This odd sedan has a swooping roof. This design is intended for aerodynamic purposes.

  1. Hatchback sedan

It somewhere resembles fastback sedans but instead of a trunk lid, the entire rear part is lifted in hatchback sedan. Models that are featuring hatchback sedans are Fiesta, Ford Focus.

  1. Club sedan

It is characterized by 2 or 4 doors that run on formal chassis. It has less interior space and a shorter roof than other types of sedans.

  1. Hardtop sedan

It possesses a hard roof, frameless door glass that provides significantly greater visibility.

  1. Chauffeured sedan

Due to the long length, it is also called limousine. Examples of this type of sedan include Rolls-Royce, Lincoln Town Car, and Cadillac.

Benefits of sedan

Sedans have taken a central position in the automobile industry and they seem going nowhere in the future as well. They are suitable for drivers who don’t want an extra cargo space and much seating. Following are the three reasons why a driver should select a sedan.

  1. Fuel economy

Drivers who are highly concerned about fuel cost will find sedans the best fit for them. Many sedans are delivering hybrid options as well, but in either way, they are performing efficiently than other body types.

  1. Lower seating position

In other body types such as SUVs, the driver seat is positioned higher. It reduces the headroom for the driver and causes inconvenience while driving. Sedans have a lower seating position and allow spacious headroom for drivers.

  1. Proven quality

Sedans are one of the trustworthy vehicles in the automobile industry. They have iconic body types that are invented to deliver.

Top luxurious sedans and their reviews (2)

  • Toyota Yaris

It offers more than the expectations from a price-budget vehicle. It is available in hatchback body styles.


  • Excellent gas mileage
  • Enjoyable handling
  • An outstanding list of basic tech features
  • Absence of certain driver-assistance features
  • Less cargo capacity


Though rivals are offering a broad span of driver-assistance features and spacious cargo, the Yaris attracts buyers with its less fuel consumption, quality and luxurious driving dynamics.

  • Honda civic

Honda acquires a perfect blend of driver engagement and comfort. Its immediate steering response to the driver, sporty and smooth ride make it luxurious and comfortable to drive.


  • Accommodating compartment
  • Zesty handling
  • Tons of models
  • Variable prices
  • Too-basic warranty
  • Polarizing external design


It is a recommended compact car due to its emphasis on practicality and fun-to-drive nature.

  • Mazda 3

With polished driving postures and comprehensive advancement, Mazda 3 is the most elegant model in its class. It is validated to be frugal on the road due to its four-cylinder engine. Its body style also engages the driver.


  • The apparent look is more elegant than rivals
  • Possesses feature similar to the rivals
  • Poor visibility at the rear


It is one of the classiest cars in the market.

  • Volkswagen Jetta GLI

The compact Volkswagen sedan achieves performance credits with a delightful configuration, which provides refined qualities and sharp responses.


  • Fun-to-drive nature
  • Accommodating trunk and rear seats
  • Less costly then hatchback GTI
  • No sporty appearance
  • Cabins do not have the integrity of Golf GTI.
  • Best contents are available in expensive models


It has accommodating back seats, affordable prices, and has performance efficiency similar to the Golf GT1 hatchback.

  • Honda Accord

Balanced ride, lightweight steering, graceful handling, and athletic appearance have centered the Honda Accord in its class. It also provides driver assistance features including adaptive cruise management, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping feature.


  • Nimble handling
  • Peppy powertrains
  • Easy-to-use infotainment
  • Low-end models are noisy
  • Blind spots at the rear cause inconvenience
  • Average inner storage


Affordability, practicality, driving nerve, and styling makes the Honda Accord at the top of the recommendations list.

  • Hyundai sonata

It is a hybrid of advanced features and fascinating design at an affordable price. The interior is elegant and spacious with sufficient buttons to complement the well organized and functional infotainment system.


  • Classy looks
  • Comfortable cabins
  • Fuel efficient
  • Relaxed acceleration
  • BMW 3 series

The perennially renowned and iconic BMW 3 series is one of the dynamic and luxurious sedans. Although exterior body design is a bit orthodox, the interior design implies classy comfort, style, and quality.


  • First-rate powertrains
  • Accommodating cabins
  • Spacious trunk
  • No manual transmission
  • Expensive