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    Everything you need to know about travel credit cards

    Travel credit card (1) It is a card that provides rewards to a client on travel-related spending.It is in the form of reward points or miles given to the client that he used for making purchases related to travelings, such as hotel rooms, flights, and planes. The rewards can be profitable, but they can also come with annual fees. A Card Holder can enjoy many perks related to traveling such as elite hotels, free traveling, and using expensive airlines. How do travel credit cards function? The person who travels a lot also spends a lot on travel-related expenses such...

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    Understanding saving account

    Saving accounts (1) It is a bank account that helps a person to save money for short-term goals and earn interest on the deposit . One can set up this account at any retail bank or financial institution . Its reliability and safety makes it beneficial option to deposit cash for short term needs. It helps in growing money as bank pays interest on the deposit. Saving account is easily accessible in emergency situations. Need of saving accounts There are various reasons to save. Saving accounts are great for building emergency funds, savings for vacation or buying a new...

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    Understanding Checking accounts

    A checking account or a deposit account is a bank account that is used for everyday expenses. People mostly use checking accounts for paying their bills making purchases etc. A person can assess checking accounts through automated teller machines ATM cheques and electronic debits. Checking accounts are also known as transactional accounts or demand accounts. A noticeable difference between a checking account and other bank accounts is that through a checking account one can make unlimited deposits and several withdrawals in a single day. These accounts are easily accessible and handy, which makes a holder keep a large amount...

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